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            product center

            Product center
            Air curtainHeatersPromotional product
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            about us

            About us

            Leading manufacturer in HVAC industry

            Guangzhou Meihao HVAC Equipment Co. Ltd.

            Guangzhou Meihao HVAC Equipment Co. Ltd. (Originated from Guangzhou the Third Electrical Equipment Factory, was found in year 1969), is one of the leading manufacturer in Air Curtain business.

            We have well integrated production line which includes Metal workshop; Plastic workshop; Blower workshop; Motor workshop and Assembly workshop. These workshops are equipped with the most advance equipments and machines in our industry (including the laser cutting machine and numerical controlled machines for various purposes.).

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            Case reference

            Case reference
            • Meihao Air Curtain at Foshan Railway Station

            • Meihao Air Curtain at Convenient Store

            • Meihao Air Curtain at Shopping Center

            • Meihao Air Curtain at Retail Store

            • Meihao Hydronic Heating Air Curtain Applications

            • Meihao Air Curtain at National Exhibition And Convention Center (Shanghai)

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